KupofKarla aka KOK merchandise began at the request of my loyal followers on TikTok. This request quickly became a passion. 

I, Momma K, am the founder of KupofKarla. I am happily married to “my person”, a proud mom/grandma to 11 children; 6 of which are still in the home and the other 5 are grown and have flown the coop. I also have 4 additional grandkids that live outside my home. All my kids and grandkids have made me who I am today, no matter their age they are all my babies!

I pride myself in the quality and customization of my products. All my products are 100% handmade by me. I love being creative and customizing items that will match your vibe! 
Big thanks to ALL 5011 of ya for supporting my business.
Much love from Me and My LIL Big family!